Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Feelings!!

Hello dolls!! Happy Friday...sorry I was gone through the week, my girls were off school until Wednesday and I needed some time to get my house cleaned and get a mass of post out that needed sending. The weather has been on and off rain, so keeping busy was a must. Thankfully summer holidays are almost here! These are some favourites of the week, I hope you enjoy them & wish you a wonderful weekend. I'll be around to visit your blogs throughout the weekend :) Have fun!

Loves & Loves

P.S. - If you love cute puppies, see this video of a little chow puppy trying to get out of a bowl, soooooooo sweet!! I love them so :)

Life is definitely good :) I hope your's is too <3

Many of you might remember my post on the designer Sara Sboul, if you don't follow my Instagram, then you wouldn't have seen the clutch I bought from her! It's so cute, the little fruit apple eyes!! I love it so! You'll most definitely be seeing it on the blog soon :)

These are happy shoes, haha!! Amazingly created by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada!! I spotted them the other day in an article about her and instantly fell in love. Perfect summer fun shoes! If you can read in Spanish (or just use a translater) you can read the article I found them in here

One of my favourite looks from the week comes from Rebecca from Winnipeg Style!! I'm loving long skirts at the moment and the pattern on this one is just marvellous. All the colours and the shoes, these shoes...stunning! And you know that I'm crazy for novelty bags, this Kate Spade take-away bag is so cute, so in love!! Rebecca has a surperb blog & her outfits are always some of my favourites, as she really knows how to use colours and patterns to their best, so do check out her blog! 

Robin Eisenburg is so awesome, I love this piece she created called 'Goddess of Pizza' good to see someone who loves it as much as I do!! Haha!! She always uses my favourite colours in her work & it's always so electric too!! Sublime :)

I think this top from Minga is too cute!! If it had added icecream & cookies, then it would have been even more perfect! The top comes in a variety of colours too. I have a little list of things I'd like to get from this site already!! 

See you on Monday!!