Wednesday, 25 March 2015

{The Powder Room} Archipelago Botanicals Oat lotion milk

Hello dolls!! I hope the week has started off lovely for you!?! I thought it was about time I got some product reviews on the blog for you, my product drawer is over-flowing really with goodies that I've been using, so now that the light in my house is better, I'm going to bring you more of them. Today, I wanted to share this body lotion that I received from my dear friend Kim of A Very Sweet Blog, this Oat Milk lotion by Archipelago Botanicals (size 18fl. oz/532ml for $25) I used it all winter long. As you can see it's a big bottle and I was surprised to see it in my box when it arrived from Kim. 

I tried just a bit of it to test and soon found myself using it more than the bottle of lotion I was trying to finish. It has a very clean scent, nothing too strong or too light either, (not like oats despite the name) like being outside near the water, yet near a garden, both tantalisingly mixed to create a wonderful clean sweet musky scent. Its thick enough not to run all over your hands, but not so thick that it gives you troubles when applying it, just sinks into the skin wonderfully. 
I first started applying this at night time, it's free from parabens & packed with nourishing dried milk solids and gentle oat proteins, there is also jojoba esters for a smooth, non-greasy application. It's very gentle as it hydrates and soothes.  My skin felt great in the morning, very soft as if I had just applied it and also the scent still lingered which made me feel relaxed to wake up too. I had never even heard of this company before trying this product, but I would definitely try more from their range, the only sadness is that Archipelago Botanicals don't ship overseas at this time, but I did find some things on Ebay if you're willing to pay import duties & buy from an American seller OR like me, have a dear sweet marvellous fantastic friend who sends you beauty treats from America like Kim does, haha!! I've been using this for over a month now and I'm not even half way through the bottle, brilliant really, I'm a fan of this now! If you're able to try it - please do, they ship in the US and Canada :) 

I gave Archipelago Botanicals Oat Lotion Milk a Sizzling Heart  as I loved the lotion & my skin was left really soft, if they had stores or shipped here, I would try other products.

(Rating scale: Sizzling Heart - Go & buy it, Hot Hot Heart - It's good, but not perfect, Lukewarm Heart - there were issues, I might buy it again, Frozen Heart - Do not buy, it was terrible)

Happy Wednesday sweethearts,

P.S. I know this product is only able to be bought in America, but since a high majority of my readers are in America, I decided to do the review any ways...but don't worry for those of us who aren't in America, I have plenty more products for review that can be bought no matter where you live *wink*