Tuesday, 13 September 2016

{Nostalgia} The decadent shop of Virginia Bates

Hello dolls!! I hope the week has begun well for you!?! Back again with a new post, I used to share these kinds of posts a long time ago and stopped, but while I had my break, I got the urge to resume them more often here as I enjoy hearing old stories and finding antique treasures, so I hope you will enjoy this too!! This is my dream shop & I adore all the treasures here so full of soul and stories. Virginia is amazing.
For 42 years, Virginia Bates had her eponymous vintage emporium open to those who might venture in. Only first taking it on for a 2 week rent in 1971, following a chance encounter with a friend outside this empty premises in Clarendon Cross Square. Eventually becoming renowned in the fashion world for the best vintage in the business, she was an out of work actress and in between jobs on A Clockwork Orange and Demons of the Mind. The wonders you'd find from embroidered flapper dresses and full-length gowns to fringed scarves, silk chemises and illustrious accessories, if you wanted it - Virginia had it! Bringing in the likes of Madonna and John Galliano strolling for inspiration (Bates even introduced the two in the shop in the late 80's). "This is my fantasy. The whole thing is a fantasy", say Virginia. Through it's rusted, decorative metal doors, instantly those who enter are transported back in time to Bate's opulent world to a treasure trove of immaculate old-world garments, intricate summer hats, floral umbrellas, vintage rag dolls & accessories. 
Though, the doors are closed & she is no longer in this location, Virginia is still thriving, moving her magic to her West London home. 
I don't know about you, but this is my dream shop & I feel saddened that people no longer get to step through it's magical gates, I would have liked to move in. Everything is so perfect and I would have loved finding more treasures and perhaps having a lovely chat to Virginia and hearing all the amazing stories I no doubt she has to tell. What a gorgeous woman she is as well, such style and glamour. I hope I'm as radiant and stylish as she is when I reach her age & have my own collection of antique treasures too!!

Have a sweet day dolls

P.s. You can view a delightful tour given by Virginia of her shop here

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