Friday, 28 November 2014

{Dream Space} Eaton House

Hello my darlings!! And Happy Friday!! excited for the weekend, I have so much to do :))) Lots more Christmas decorating to get on with and I am being good and will start my Christmas wrapping now as there is a lot to wrap and I have very curious young girls who can't keep away, haha :) Though one of the presents doesn't help as it's a talking My Little Pony, hahaha :) (Don't worry my youngest can't read yet). So, I must wrap things to keep prying eyes away, but they are so excited to get all the lights up and decorations, it's their favourite part!! I will leave you today with the best house in the whole wide world - well for me any ways...I want to move in here and live, haha!! It's a dream home and I love it to bits. 

The Eaton House is a mansion guest house that is decadently painted entirely in pink, it explodes with flowers and fairy lights. There is even an unicorn sculpture in the garden perched on a bed of pink flowers surrounded by gold heart-shaped stepping stones, a fireplace, a hot tub and pink flamingoes. It's only just recently been finished, but it has already hosted an awesome list of guests such as rapper Iggy Azalea, model Felicity Howard and tv foodie Gizzi Erskine. The owners are best friends, James Lloyd-Roberts (45) a photographer and fire-fighter and Amy Griffith (37) an artist. They've spent the last four years lovingly creating a paradise of their own magical vision. 

The 13 room boutique is often hired out as a guest house, studio for photo-shoots and special events. It's famous for it's excess of pink, but there are several other themes of décor throughout. Amy designed each one, painted every wall, hand-painted every flower & everything else throughout the home. There are themed rooms such as the Mansfield Suite (named after the actress Jayne) which has lights, antique clocks, heart shaped pillows and trinkets to encapsulate the femininity and Hollywood glamour. There's a cowboy room, a vintage-inspired Riding Room complete with floral curtains, dressing table and a wall covered in gilt mirrors. 

As you can see in the pictures...this is a minimalist's worst nightmare in terms of living space, but as someone who lives & breathes art, expression, exploration, fashion and music, this is a dream house!! My mind instantly goes into over drive, inspiration and ideas dance around for days and days. I love it sooooo much!!

You can visit the house, enjoy the atmosphere & if you would like to sleep there for two nights' bed and breakfast for up to 12 guest, that will cost you £2,500. You get breakfast served in the morning and nearby, guests can enjoy the taste of nature and visit the many local attractions such as visiting the renowned Tiptree Jam Factory, a nature reserve & bird sanctuary, award winning nursery, the zoo, local farms or just have a lovely peaceful country walk!

I think a bunch of us bloggers should pull our money together & have a great time there one day - what do you say!?! I'm in, hahaha!! I hope you love the house my can find more information on their website and Facebook page! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Loves & loves

{All photos are property of Eaton House. No alterations have been made. Contact Eaton House for more information}

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wish Wish Wish!

Hello my beauties!! Happy Wednesday...I hope the week has been going wonderfully for you so far, it is really chilling up here, but I don't mind it so much as long as it's dry. It can be refreshing at times...the stillness in the air is calming. But, that still doesn't keep me from dreaming about spring and all it's wonderful flowers and sweet aromas...ahh! I've had a terrible cough for a while now, so it's left me not really wanting to do I shall leave you with some pretty things I've been daydreaming about lately...have a wonderful day my sweethearts!

Loves & Loves

Dainty Wishes

Above - This amazing fluffy deluxe wool coat from Saccharine Shrine....I love it so much...actually their whole site, it's wonderful and makes me smile with all this grey around at the moment. This would be so warm and delightful to wear through the winter - maybe not wet days, but it's so warm and cozy!! I love it :)

These adorable shoes are just the sweetness I need!! I have a lot of black shoes that I don't wear so often, so I've been looking at different coloured shoes and I spotted these and instantly loved them. They come from The White Pepper, which has a lot of lovely items on it!! 

I'm completely over the moon for novelty bags and this one is perfect, actually New Look has many of these kinds of bags, so they will be on my wishlist for a long while. The only shame about this milkshake clutch, is that I can't drink it, haha!! 

You've all have seen my Barbie in Love necklace that I wear in outfit posts, I love it a lot! I would like to add some more pieces to my collection soon. And this bracelet is so cute, little barbie shoes to wear around your wrist, a cute and quirky take on charm bracelets!! Anne Sophie creates really magical things that always make me daydream and feel happy!! You can shop from her lovely store here

Well, if there can't be lots of flowers outside at the moment, I can at least wear them!! This delightful floral set comes from Alexandrea Anissa! I love that the shorts are full and supporting.  Made from a breathable cotton knit, which is important as no one wants to feel annoyed by their under garments when out. You can also add detachable garters to these as well. Sooo gorgeous!! Perfect to wear out or just as perfect for staying inside with a big fluffy sweater on with your hair in a messy bun while you watch your favourite movies and eat something sweet :) 

Another pair of shoes...I couldn't decide between these and the lilac ones, so I put both on here :) The shiny silver will go with anything and I love reflective surfaces, the rainbow effect is lovely to look at. And these kinds of shoes can be worn with any type or style of outfit, I love versatile wares. These are also found at The White Pepper. 

Ok, if you don't know why I'd want this...I am lost for words, haha!! Found these from I'm Your Present sold at Doll Season. PERFECT!! 

This amazing polka organza dress is delightfully sweet (Also found at The White Pepper) and perfect for the party season of Christmas!! Wrap it up in a faux fur jacket and your ready to go have fun with friends and family. Then when Spring comes again, wear it outside in the sunshine (I will be counting the days till spring, haha)

And my last wish..for everyone to have love & care & to share it with everyone you might meet, even if you don't know them. Because this world is so dark & we must be the light to make it brighter!! All of these items on my list don't mean anything if we can't treat each other with love &'s people that really matter, not things. Things can be replaced, but people can't. As we go into the Christmas season, I would hope that we give it its real meaning of Love! Then we'll always be happy :)