Friday, 14 October 2016

The Sweet Life | Friday Favourites!

Hello dolls!! And happy Friday, how was your week?? I hope it was grand. It's getting a little bit colder here now as Autumn sets in, but it's actually quite a refreshing cool, so I don't mind. And all the leaves blowing around is so gorgeous. As usual, I'm leaving you with some of my favourite things that I saw this week, I hope you enjoy & will see you back here in the new week. I have a week off as school is on October break, so I am going to enjoy the rest!! Have fun :)

Loves & loves

Favourite Outfit of the week - Nicky from My Wish Style always wears some of the best things and I loved this dress so much, it's so perfect, I would definitely wear it, Ilove the length, the belt and the colours!! See more pictures from her brilliant blog :) 

Favourite Jewellery Piece - If you love unique looking jewellery, then you'd love Regal Rose, am obsessed!! I have a wish list a mile long and one of my favourite pieces is this snake wrap ring, it's so gorgeous!! There are chokers that I adore as well, will definitely be burning some money there, haha!

Favourite Shoes - These Astrology Shoes by Emilio Pucci, their gorgeous. Love the colours and the suede, so dreamy!!

Favourite Body/Perfume Oil - Aphrodite perfume oil/lotion, Definitely this for my whole life!! such a HUGE fan of this scent, it's so perfect!! It comes from Margarita Bloom & it smells of luscious pink cotton candy clouds, caramel, and vanilla with fruity notes, lily, licorice blossom and spicy bergamot, Sicilian oranges, raspberry and figleaf!! It may seem like it would be sickly sweet, but I assure you, it is not!! It's just balanced and addicting!! 

Last but no means least...a little wisdom:

Oh so true, said by this stunning woman here: